Welcome to the Cremation Center of Kansas City

We provide respectful, professional, direct cremation services. Family owned and operated, the Cremation Center is not a cremation society, which means there is no membership fee. Our services require no pre-registration or pre-payment.

Regardless of when and where a death occurs, a family member should call the Cremation Center as soon as possible. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We come right away if you request immediate assistance. If your family wishes to spend some time with the deceased, to say good bye, we understand and will come when your time is right. We will set a convenient appointment time for you to come to the Cremation Center during business hours to complete the details of the cremation services. Prior to your appointment we will inform you of what all is necessary to bring with you. The Cremation Center is committed to you. We promise that you will not cross this bridge alone. We will be with you in your time of need, every step of the way.