Jordan F. Bushman

Jordan Bushman

Jordan F. Bushman passed away on Saturday, March 28, 2020 in the presence of his wife Betty C. Bushman. His passing was peaceful, with no suffering.

Jordan was born in Chicago, 1929, to his parents Bess Greenberg Bushman and Joseph R. Bushman. The family moved to St. Joseph, MO in 1931 where Joseph Bushman established the Bushman Construction Company which was involved in building dams, highways, bridges, and other heavy construction projects. Jordan was raised in St. Joseph. He graduated with honors from Central High School class of 1947. After one year at University of Missouri -Rolla, Jordan transferred to Iowa State and graduated in 1951. During his school years, Jordan worked for the Bushman Construction Company.

In 1951, Jordan enlisted in the navy because of the Korean Conflict. After basic training he immediately went to officer training, reaching the level of Lieutenant Commander. He was very proud to be part of the team which developed the U.S. missile program. After his service, he returned to Bushman Construction Company.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving in 1964, he met Betty Caywood. Both were immediately smitten. They married in June 1965 and had a long and happy life together. Surviving the death of their daughter, Michelle, they continued to love and cherish their three sons.

The Bushman Construction Company met its demise following the Hyatt Regency skywalk collapse of 1981. Thereafter, Jordan joined Black & Veatch, where he traveled on various projects. He retired in 1994 and settled in Kansas City, MO where he volunteered, for 20 years, in the Emergency Room of St. Luke’s Hospital.

Jordan is survived by his wife of 55 years, Betty C. Bushman, sons Jeffrey Scott, Stephen Justin and Craig Alexander, brother Robert Bushman (wife Helen), sister-in-law Sydney Bushman, and cousins Stanley Bushman and Barbara Bushman Goodman. He is predeceased by daughter Michelle Renee Bushman and brother Ronald Bushman.


The family will have a private ceremony and celebration of life at a later date.

Memorial Contributions

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Michelle Bushman Scholarship at the New Theater Scholarship Guild; the Kansas City Actors Theater; or the Kansas City Art Institute.

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  1. Mike Landy on April 13, 2020 at 3:33 pm

    I enjoyed time with Jordan. Unassuming, funny, thoughtful. Love is not a thing but an endless series of small acts. When with the two of you, I was always struck by his manner. I thought it as a selfless concern that you should know and be secure. Towards me, he showed modesty and a wordless affection in what was said and left unsaid. We would both smile at the uncertain ironies of life and share a mutual recognition of our follies. In the words of the great philosopher Dr. Seuss. “Do not cry for what is gone, smile for what you had.”

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