John Brian Belton


John Brian Belton, 41, of Belton, Missouri, passed away January 22, 2013 at Kansas University Hospital.

He was born March 1, 1971 in Kansas City, Missouri, son of Terry and Sandra Belton.

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  1. Anonymous on February 3, 2013 at 6:27 am

    For our friend Brian,

    He was too young when he left us, he is forever surrounded by friends made and kept over a lifetime ago. Because Brian taught each of us about the indomitable human spirit, the joy of achievement. He insistently assuaged us from the unexpected bitterness of life and taught us to rejoice in its rewards.

    It is hard to believe the world is deprived of his formidable presence. His gentle spirit momentarily disguised by a brooding manner, his signature chuckle and billion dollar smile also served as official notice, that festivities could begin.

    A true spirit had just arrived.

    The tired cliche’s of friendship, loyalty and faith in others, were originally inspired by him.

    The majority of us remain convinced, that whenever sheep went to sleep…, they counted Brian.

    Brian knew better than anyone, the best exercise for the heart is reaching out and lifting others. He never left you alone until he was assured you were doing better than when he arrived. Even if he was equally deflated, he put our tribulations ahead of his own.

    That unwavering friendship was his mantra, it was his defining anthem.

    Even at its worst, his friendship was a high quality affliction you were proud to have.

    The world isn’t large enough to adequately list his accolades, the ledgers of life can’t tally the entire debt each of us uniquely owe him. For Brian, friends were more than a portfolio of casual acquaintances, we were a context of mission.

    It is hard to suitably describe the warmth of his presence, the privilege we had standing in the corona of his friendship which can only be starkly defined by its’ unthinkable absence.

    John “Brian” Belton will endure forever brightly despite the dimming light of time and memory, he is indelibly etched in the walls’ of our hearts.

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