Carol Elizabeth Goheen Woodcock

Carol Elizabeth Goheen Woodcock was born on June 18, 1943, to Carl and Laura (Rhinheimer) Goheen. She left peacefully for her heavenly home on October 17, 2013, in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, at the age of 70 years, 3 months, and 29 days.

Carol’s childhood was spent in Downs, Kansas. She was deeply devoted to her family members. As a child, she loved playing with her brothers, Max, Chalmer, Richard, and David, along with her little sister, Debbie. She delighted in the warm summer afternoons when she and her siblings romped outside, barefoot and free in the sunshine. So enchanting were those days that she always preferred to go barefoot, instead of wearing shoes!

Carol’s mother Laura loved to read, and Carol followed in her footsteps. She learned to appreciate good literature at a young age. Her curious, active mind probed multitudes of subjects in her reading, which produced a wealth of knowledge that was truly impressive. Carol also kept up with the times. In recent years, she delighted in using her Kindle e-reader.

Carol raised three sons, Lyle, Jeff, and Rick, who were the delight of her life. She taught the three boys the same kind of loyalty to family that she held in her own heart. Rick once shared, “Mom taught us to get along and to take care of each other. We have always been friends, and we always will be. That’s because Mom showed us the right way to do things.”

Carol herself learned an excellent work ethic at an early age. She was a tireless worker throughout her entire adult life. While living in Salina, she worked at the Extension Office, Western Auto, and Service Master. Through the years, she cooked in the school systems in Salina, Downs, and Kansas City. She also worked at Target as a cashier.

Carol was known as a generous person, always helping others. Her kindness to the elderly was beautiful to behold. She visited shut-ins and often took some food to share with them.

Her prowess as a fantastic cook was legendary. She had more specialties than can be named. But be assured that her potato salad, her lemon meringue pie, and her coconut cream pie were excellent beyond comprehension!

After living many years in Salina, Carol returned to Downs in 1995. Her faith in Jesus Christ was very important to her. She taught Sunday school and was the youth group leader in what was then known as the United Church of Downs. In addition to teaching Biblical principles, Carol also dreamed up fun activities for the youth group. She loved to have fun, and she did not care if she got dirty or looked silly. After youth group, many teens enjoyed riding around in Carol’s car with her. They cruised through the streets of Downs, searching for imaginary camels! Those episodes of “camel hunting” were so hilarious that the teens often bought camel-themed gifts for their leader!

She loved the out-of-doors. Nature walks were among her favorite activities. During her mother’s later years, she often took Laura for rides to the bluffs south of Downs or to Bartsch Grove north of Downs. Carol also loved hiking through the aspen trees in Colorado. Once, in Rocky Mountain National Park, she paused on a mountainside to enjoy the beauty and the silence. “This is like a cathedral,” she declared. “The presence of the Lord is here. We could have church right here.”

Carol was very active, always ready for adventure. She tooled around in her cherry-red Mazda, cheered for the K-State Wildcats, and delighted in the cartoon character Tweety Bird. In fact, she even programmed her Smart Phone to alert her with a Tweety Bird ringtone! She loved her Smart Phone and learned to text her grandchildren with the best of them!

Carol was proud of her son Lyle’s accomplishments as an engineer. She enjoyed the times when she visited him in Florida. They stayed at a beach house, and she savored her coffee in the morning watching the sun rise over the water.

She was extremely proud of her son Jeff for having served his country in the Navy. She would approach any serviceman in any mall or airport to thank them for serving this nation, as well.

Carol marveled at her son Rick’s quick mind and expertise with electronics. Rick and Roxana’s children were the apple of Carol’s eye. She loved being a grandma to Kayla, Kaleb, and Konner.

In 2004, Carol moved to Kansas City where she could enjoy being with Jeff and Lisha, Rick and Roxana, and those three adorable grandchildren. She often picked up the kids at school and attended their school activities.

In 2010, Carol retired and moved back to Downs. She enjoyed spending time with friends and relatives. She did some traveling and often visited her families in Kansas City. Always the worker, Carol helped her sister-in-law, Zoe Goheen, to clean the hunting lodge in Downs. She also kept the historic Downs Railroad Depot sparkling clean.

When Carol was sixty-nine, several of her friends referred to her as their “69-year-old teenager!” Her energy seemed boundless. She was climbing ladders, helping people with projects, and keeping that Smart Phone busy with text messages. She could out-run, out-work, and out-think many people half her age.

So a cancer diagnosis in late December, 2012, caught everyone totally by surprise. But Carol was a trouper. She did not give up. She maintained a positive attitude and a rock-solid faith in God. Carol always thanked every person and group who prayed for her. “The Lord is the only reason I have come this far,” she often said.

Carol faced the illness with grace and dignity. As the end drew near, she kissed each of her grandchildren. She said good-bye to each of her relatives individually. She spoke with her son Lyle on the phone a few hours before she passed away. Since Lyle was working in Saudi Arabia, this was the only way they could connect. But all who were in the room saw her smile and heard her laugh in response to her son’s comments.

She departed from this earth as she had lived: with courage, grace, and trust in her Maker. Truly hers was a life well-lived.

Carol was preceded in death by her parents and her brothers, Richard and Chalmer.

She is survived by her sons: Lyle Woodcock, of Gainesville, Florida; Jeff Woodcock and friend Lisha Xie of Shawnee Mission, Kansas; Rick and Roxana Woodcock of Overland Park, Kansas; her grandchildren, Kayla Carol Woodcock, Kaleb Woodcock, and Konnor Woodcock of Overland Park, Kansas; her brothers: Max Goheen of Downs, Kansas; David and Zoe Goheen of Downs, Kansas; her sister, Debbie and Chris Curtis of Osborne, Kansas; her sister-in-law, Ortha Goheen of Osborne, Kansas; along with many beloved nieces and nephews and countless friends.

A funeral service was held on October 25, 2013 at the Assembly of God Church in Osborne, Kansas, with Pastor Mike Krager officiating.

Memorials may be made to Assembly of God Church.

A special thanks to Bernita Smith for creating such a lovely obituary

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