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Daniel Joseph Stechschulte, Sr., MD

Daniel J. Stechschulte, Sr., consummate husband, father, and physician died July 14, 2011, aged 74.  His six children, Daniel Jr., Susan, Stephen, Mary, Ann, and Edward, will remember him for his pragmatism, smile, and unswerving love.  He intoned them to, “Make a decision and move on.  Don’t look back.”  He lived and died in that manner.His colleagues from St. Louis University Medical School where he graduated in 1962, at Harvard Medical School where he was a fellow and faculty member for seven years, and at the University of Kansas School of Medicine where he was a Professor for 38 years, will remember his dedication, his dependability, his integrity, and his expertise.  His patients will remember a man committed to their well being.

His dear wife, Helen, will remember a devoted husband, a perfect father, and her best friend for over 50 years. 

Daniel was born in a farmhouse without running water outside Kalida, Ohio on August 20, 1936. He worked on the family farm through high school and dreamed of pitching in the major leagues.  Pragmatically, he accepted the University of Dayton’s offer to play basketball and baseball with the stipulation that he could major in chemistry and hopefully attend medical school.  That decision reflected his foresight, that science not athletics would be the foundation of his professional life.  For him it was the most worthy goal, to make science and objective analysis a path that would lead to understanding and healing.

He was never dogmatic with his family or students unless to emphasize that hard work and intense thought were necessary for great achievement.  For him, that goal was furthering the fields of allergy, immunology, and rheumatology.  He valued personal growth as much as professional success, the latter only valid if one’s family flourished in the process. 

He remained a devoted member of Cure of Ars Church, first as an original member of the Family Mass Program in 1973 and later as a Eucharistic minister until his disease, metastatic carcinoid tumor, physically overwhelmed him.  True to form, he grappled with his illness until the end. 

His ability to give was boundless.  He was always there for his patients, his students, his colleagues, and especially his wife and his family.  Dan will live on in his children and eighteen grandchildren.

The strife of our world would be lessened if we could emulate his selflessness, his joyfulness, and his humility.  He tamped down ego, jealousy, and vanity to build a sanctuary and community for his family, friends, colleagues, and patients.  From those who knew him, his family asks that they honor him by living a productive, unprejudiced life, free of malice, full of love.

A memorial Mass will be celebrated at Cure of Ars Catholic Church at 9401 Mission Road, Leawood, Kansas on Saturday, August 20 at 11am with visitation from 9am to 10:45am at the church.  In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Sister Servants of Mary in Kansas City, Kansas, the Vianney Fund for the Poor at Cure of Ars, and to Harvesters. 

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32 Comments on “Daniel Joseph Stechschulte, Sr., MD”

  1. Mercy Amado, MD Says:

    I want to express my deepest sympathy to the family of Dr. Daniel Stechschulte. Dr. Stechschulte was one of my professors and mentors. He was a very compassionate physician and person who treated everyone with respect. He had integrity. His demeanor was calm and reassuring. He was always approachable and whenever I had a complex case or question he offered valuable advise to me through the years. I looked up to him and wanted to be the kind of physician he was. I am very sad to hear about his passing. I will miss him and remember him fondly. His legacy will continue through the work of the many doctors he trained and patients he cared for and his research as well as his loving family.

  2. Candy Moseley Sobel, M.D. Says:

    So sorry to hear about his death. He was a great doctor, a great teacher, and a great man. I will always remember his great big smile! Candy.

  3. Ann Kunkel Says:

    Dear Family,
    I am so sad to hear the news of Dr. Stechschulte’s passing. He was a wonderful physician, teacher and mentor to all at KUMC. He has been missed during his illness. I hope your wonderful memories of great family times will give you all peace and comfort.

  4. Mike Casparian, M.D. Says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Dr. Stechschulte’s passing. I remember meeting him during my interviews for a faculty position at KUMC, and was immediately impressed with his kind, calm, and thoughtful demeanor. It was truly a privilege to have worked along side him. He was one of the giants among the faculty, and will be missed by all who knew him.

  5. Martha G. Kelly Says:

    Dear Doctor Daniel Stechschulte, Jr. M.D. and family

    Sorry to hear about your father.
    For as long as your heart is feeling the sadness of loss, may it also feel the warmth and caring that surround you and your family.

  6. Dan Stewart, MD Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family.

  7. Marc and Ellie Asher Says:

    You are in our thoughts and have our sincerest sympathy.

  8. David Morrison Says:

    Dear Helen and your children
    Pam and I are so sorry to learn of your loss. Dan was both a scientific colleague and a dear friend, as well as my primary care physician for more than 25 years. He excelled in each of those roles and will be greatly missed. Our prayers are with you.
    David and Pam Morrison

  9. Alexis Lewis Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Dr. Stechschulte treated me for the past four years and I am so glad to have known him, he was a wonderful man and a great doctor. My prayers are with you at this time of your loss. May God bless you all.

  10. Jane Lemke Says:

    I want to express my deepest sympathy to the family of Dr. Daniel Stechschulte. Dr. Stechschulte became my physician over 20 years ago when I was first diagnosed with RA. He was able to help me lead a very productive life over these years and I will always be eternally grateful to him.

  11. Thomas Whittaker Says:

    We’re very sad to hear of Dr. Stech’s death. Put simply, he was the finest doctor I have ever met. His knowledge, skills, and deep caring made KU a better place for patients, med students and fellow doctors–a great, great man. We offer you our sympathy and our prayers. Thanks for sharing Dr. Stech with us.

  12. Ed and Chris Bowman Says:

    We are deeply saddened to see of the death of a great docotr and a great man. My son Chris and Dr. Stechschulte were buddies. Doctor and his break through in treating immune issues are undobtably the major reason Chris is around to feel the sorrow and loss.
    Doctor’s treatment and follow ups since 1989 are what Chris’ mother and father Ed are eternally grateful for. His personal interest and careing for Chris will be deeply missed. God Bless a very great man and his family.

  13. Joe Beasley and Dorothy Knoll Says:

    We are so sorry for your loss, Dr. Stech’s was our allergy doctor and friend for over 18 years. I often crossed paths with Dr. Stech while working at KUMC. He always had a big smile of greeting. Our world seems smaller without Dr. Stech. You are in our prayers

  14. Nancy Pistorius Says:

    I am so sorry for the loss suffered by Dr. Stechschulte’s family, and also by his patients and the entire medical community. Dr. Stechschulte’s brilliant diagnostic skills and ability to find appropriate drugs to manage and lessen the severity of my symptoms basically saved my life. Before I started going to him, I ended up in Intensive Care with life-threatening anaphylaxis twice. After starting his protocol of treatment, I was able to avoid these near-death experiences. I am very grateful to him not only for his medical skills, but for his kindness and basic human decency. It’s really nice (and, sadly, not that usual) to find a doctor who treats you as a person first, not just an “interesting case.” I really missed being under his care during his medical leave. I am so glad he worked in a teaching hospital, so that he was able to pass his vast knowledge on to so many medical students and residents, making this world a far better place.

  15. Susan Pentlin Says:

    I am adjusting to a world without Dr. Stechschulte which is difficult. He was my physician at KUMC for over thirty years. He diagnosed and treated my symptoms when others had not known what was going on or what to do and he also advised me on other medical issues before I made any decisions. I doubt I would have been able to enjoy life the way I have without his intelligent and kind care these past years. He took very good care of me. I send my sympathy and condolences to his wife and family.

  16. Kathy Williams Says:

    To the family of Dr. Stechschulte:

    I was so shocked and saddened when I received the message of the passing of Dr. Stechschulte. He was my doctor for probably about fifteen years at KU Med Center. He was always so concerned with how I was doing and to know if I had other issues that needed to be addressed. He was always so friendly and caring. He will truly be missed by all of his patients, as well as his family. May your memories of him help comfort you at this time.

  17. Robert Dillon Says:

    I was saddened to reach about Dr. Stechschulte’s passing in the newspaper.

    What a wonderful legacy he leaves to this world: family, friends, colleagues, students.

    I have happy memories of his smiles when he would attend Shawnee Mission East’s open houses to inquire about the progress of his children, many of whom were my students. Both he and his wife were very positive with their support.

    Robert Dillon

  18. Kay Shaw Says:

    Dear Helen and family,
    I am so sorry to hear of the death of Dan. My heart goes out to you and your family.
    Love, Kay Shaw

  19. Jessica Wolff Says:

    To the family of Dr. Stechschulte,
    My name is Jessica Wolff, I am the daughter of the late David Wolff who was a high school counselor to Dr. Stechschulte’s children at SME. Dr. Stechschulte was also my doctor at KU Med. I want to express my deepest sympathy to Dr. Stechschulte’s family. He was the kindest doctor I have ever had. His immense intelligence, both on a personal and professional level, made visits to the doctor’s office a joy rather than a source of fear – as it is for most. He was so personable. His smile and obvious enthusiasm for life was contagious. I will never forget the kindness and generosity he showed to my family and I. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to know him. He touched the lives of so many people, and in turn he will forever live on in our memories and inspire those who knew him to do good deeds in his honor. Remember, that while the body is impermanent the love you shared never dies – it is eternal, forever real and present.

    Jessica Wolff

  20. Sally Rigler Says:

    Dear Helen and family,
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Dr. Stechschulte was a stellar role model in every respect as an outstanding academic physician, and I feel very lucky to have known him.
    Sally Rigler

  21. Jessica Stine Says:

    My deepest and most sincere sympathies go out to the Stechschulte Family. He was only in my life for a short 6 years, but felt like I knew him forever. Best Boss ever!! He cannot and will not be replaced! My heart weighs very heavy. Simply the best man I have ever known! I truly cherish the time I had with him! Rest in Peace Dr. Stech! I will never forget how he would stick up for the ones that deserved it. I will honor that and hold up my end of the deal. We love and miss you!-Jess

  22. Carole Plesser Says:

    My husband, children and I would like
    to extend our sincere sympathy upon learning of the loss of your dear Husband, Father, Grandfather and to his many patients.

    Our world is made better by individuals like Dr. Stechschulte, with his remarkable gifts and values; who have graced our earth with their presence.

    May his blessed memory bring you much comfort and joy in the years that follow.

    Most sincerely,

    Carole & Stan Plesser and Family

  23. Gordon & Rheta Henke Says:

    Sorry about your loss. We are praying for ALL of you.

  24. Hien Nguyen Reeves, MD Says:

    I am so sad to hear of Dr. Stechschulte’s passing. He was my professor and mentor. I will always be grateful to him for taking me on as an allergy fellow and teaching me about medicine and about life. I will always remember how calm, caring, and generous he was. I continued to learn from him even when I was no longer in Kansas. He is my role model. I will miss him. My prayers and thoughts are with him and his family.


  25. Deana Petty Says:

    Dear Helen and children, I am so sorry to hear that Dan has died.I shared this news with Tiffany, Candace and Ashley who had known the Stechschulte family since Leawood Swim Team. Dan’s fine character will always live on and is very evident in his wonderful children. My deepest sympathy.Deana Petty

  26. kent devault Says:

    To family and friends of Dr. Dan Stechschulte Sr. The doctor treated me for a condition known as common variable immune defeciency. At the time he started treatment, I was in and out of hospital every month with severe problems, in and out of icu units etc. his expertise helped me to live a reasonably healthy life and extend my carrer as a police officer. I am now retired and with the Va for medical treatment, but they continue with the same type of treatment that was recommended by Dan sr. He was extremely skillful and worked very hard for everyone. His son, Dan Jr. also did rotator cuff surgery a few years ago on me. I have incredible respect for this entire family. I want you to know that without Dr. Dans help, I probably would not be here right now. I am now retired and in decent health. I owe a great deal to Dr. Dan. He will be sorely missed in the medical field but fortunately his ability to teach will live on in future doctors. I am very proud to say that I feel i had the best care of any doctor I know when under his care. I wish all of you the very best. Kent Devault

  27. Fred and JoAnn Reckling Says:

    Dan Stechschulte was the quintessential physician-scientist. He had a modest demeanor and was tremendously well-respected and liked by all of his colleagues and students.
    With deepest sympathy. Fred & JoAnn, Fort Collins, CO

  28. Reggie Perez Says:

    A special person is one who is remembered despite proximity or passage of time. Dr. Stechschulte was such a person who embodied compassion, academia, selflessness, and forward thinking. As a fellow, I had the honor of working under his instruction and guidance for two years. I not only grew as a physician, but also as a man and father. Even now as a practicing allergist/immunologist in Houston, the lessons he taught me are used daily. As I prepare to depart on my flight to KC to attend his memorial, my thoughts are with him and his family. I look forward to sharing his life with family and friends, and remember how he lived and will continue to live in our memories.

    In God’s grace,
    Reggie Perez

  29. Ed and Barbara Brown family Says:

    We want to express our deepest sympathy to the family of Dr. Daniel
    Stechschulte. We have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Dan and his
    family for many years. Your entire family reflects how truly successful
    he was in life. You are a wonderful living tribute to him.

    Dr. Dan led me through my arthritis treatment by keeping me smiling and
    believing things will continue to improve. And I did improve so much,
    thanks to his great skill and spirit. We will miss him greatly.

  30. Diane Higdon Says:

    To Dr. Stechschulte’s family: Three years ago I was diagnosed with a very rare disease. Dr. Stechschulte was one of the nicest Doctors I have ever had the joy to know. I felt as though he really cared whether I beat this disease. He was always so uplifting even when I would tend to get down a bit. I can’t even imagine how much he is going to be missed by his family as he made everyone feel like family. I was just told of his death when I called in to KU, and I am in shock. I will miss him, his knowledge of my disease, and his ability to take care of whatever my body decided to throw my way. My sincere condolences go out to Dr. Stechschulte’s wife, children, and Grandchildren. He truely was a great man, and a fantastic Doctor.

  31. Deborah Says:

    What a pleasure it was to have had an opportunity know Dr. Stechschulte. Truly a person who made the world around him a better place. A place that will miss his presence for days, months, and years to come. May God’s peace and comfort be with his family.

  32. Ann Hoffman Harty Yingling Says:

    Dear Helen, I am a cousin of Dan’s. Ruth just told me of Dan’s death when she contacted me at the death of my husband, Ron Yingling of carcinoid ca. I am so sorry for all the suffering you & Dan have gone thru. Dan was such a kind person to me as the city girl, who knew nothing of farm life as a kid. Please accept my sincere sympathy. Ann

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